Nimmi's Henna Art

The original Henna artist of Newbury St. Boston since 1997. Nimmi is an exceptional henna artist whose intricate henna art is unique and exquisite.

Known for quality work, Nimmi’s henna always has the best color and is guaranteed safe for any skin type.Black henna is never used as it may cause severe reactions to the skin.

Henna is used in many cultures around the world as an adornment of either hands, feet or and other area of the body. Various designs are used for occasions such as weddings, festivals or even a baby shower

We are the Special Henna Tattoo Artist in Boston

Henna is powder made from the dried leaves of Lawsonia inermis plant. The powder is mixed with strong tea decoction and mixed into a paste. This paste when applied stains the skin with a natural dye which lasts upto 2-3 weeks

Henna is also used as a natural hair dye which conditions the hair as well as leaves auburn highlights. It is also a natural coolant and in certain countries, the paste is applied to the soles and palms to reduce body heat

Bridal & Wedding

Adorn your hands and feet with delicate bridal henna. Nimmi aims to make your day as special and memorable as you have dreamed. Since 1997, we have offered services for bridal henna, ranging from traditional Indian designs to more contemporary art work...

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Special Celebrations

Birthday parties, Bridal as well as baby showers, Festivals, Corporate and Private Events, Bar Mitzvahs and Other Occasions. Also available to do events as local public libraries...

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